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Femmes to FIERCE FLESH- Project Name Change

Fierce Fat Femmes - now to be renamed FIERCE FLESH!
Fierce Fat Femmes has been the project title I have been working with for the past 2 years on this documentary project that is still deeply evolving. After spending so long researching this topic and interviewing some of the most inspiring,intelligent,radical thinkers and artists who’s work also explores size and its many intersections its become important to me that this project be as inclusive as possible in its exploration of radical fatness. FIERCE FLESH is the perfect name that includes all possible experiences of Radical Fat Activism. FIERCE FLESH is my motto. FIERCE FLESH is boundless.
This documentary is a project that I know a lot of people have heard about and I get asked often when is the film coming out?
The answer is, not yet ! But I swear on my Fat Ass it is happening and soon!
I will be shortly launching a dedicated website and blog as well as a crowd funding campaign to help with the many cost of continuing this self funded project. Watch this space for more info on the project including who’s involved and some sneak preview scenes xx <3 KJD

Less is not more - it’s just less
Pam Savage

Fierce Flesh - The series !!!

FIERCE FLESH is a provocative exploration of Fat Activism in an increasingly size phobic world told through the eyes of artist Kelli Jean Drinkwater and the members of Aquaporko! - the Fat Femme Syncronized Swim Team.